Bus Driver vs My Guy

Why do you hire a professional rather than do it yourself? A professional has the proper equipment and experience that can come in and efficiently do the job; better, faster, and save you money. Why pay more for something?

Washing your own Fleets you will have to have service maintenance for all your wash bays. They do break down and when they do, it will be when you needed it the most.  It will happen right around the State Police Semi and Annual l Inspections. You will have to train your employees. And purchase all necessary exspenses to wash your school buses. 

  • Soaps
  • Machines to wash with (Upwards of $10,000-$100,000 up front cost)
  • Fuel to operate the school bus
  • Employee Hourly Wages
  • Service Repair Cost

We wash school buses (and a whole lot of them). School bus drivers take the kids to and from school.  Let the professionals at My Guy take care of you.  Know that,"You have a guy, My Guy!"


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It might seem that washing your school buses when they need it is a sufficient policy. But it would be a mistake to believe that ‘when they need it’ is ever sufficient. A more effective policy would be to establish a regular school bus wash regimen so that you can save money. Passing your Semi and Annunal State Police Inspections with flying colors! 

Fleet Washing Services

The Simple 4 Step Process

  1. Soak: Using our specifically designed cleaning products My Guy apply's our biodegradable soaps onto the fleet  and  lets the solution dwell for the proper amount of time. 
  2. Scrubbing: Focusing on the problem areas around the engine bay and the black stripes
  3. Steam Washing: Turning our heated power washers up to 150 degrees, cutting through the road grime and grease build up.
  4. Detailing: This is what sets us apart. We detail each bus. Wiping it down with clean wash rags. Making sure all windows are spot free and mirrors are crystal clear so drivers can safely get the kids to and from school. 
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